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 An Organization Needed - The "Green Peace Corps"

The Power of Vision
"Vision without action is merely a dream;
Action without vision just passes the time;
Vision with action can change the world."
---Joel Arthur Barker

Recently, we have been putting together a non-profit NGO called the "Green Peace Corps" (GPC). This organization is focused on getting people from all nations together into one globalized network to produce healthy food while applying sustainable environmental practices. The GPC’s objective is to aggressively change the world's food system to sustainable organic in a way that is affordable to all people, everywhere. We will have stringent, yet semi-flexible guidelines. In a few instances to help make our system more economically sound, and after thorough discussion and agreement, we may consider some products, which are nearly sustainable (e.g. methods of growing grain) to be incorporated.

Our plan is to create small to medium sized poly-culture farms in rural communities while working hand in hand with rural and suburban farms as well as urban community garden programs. The methods we need to make sustainable food economically feasible are complex and vary with climate and location. The GPC will become grower, processor, transporter, and marketer of its own food products as well as that of private companies and individual concerns that contribute to the production of food and other products that conform to sustainable standards. Furthermore, we are sure that combining innovation, efficiency, microorganism technology and proven traditional methods will enable us to produce healthy sustainable food at near current commercial food prices while constantly lowering our prices as we expand.

The Green Peace Corps also intends to foster cooperation with the Native Americans as well as indigenous people of other continents most of who live or have lived sustainability in the past. They are the original environmentalists.

The GPC's environmental commitments include producing and using non-food bio fuel and alternative energies. Although the Green Peace Corps believes in reducing meat consumption for health and socially moral reasons, we will raise animals sustainably on many of our farms in both an animal -friendly and Eco-friendly manner using a 4-H Club similar style in animal husbandry. Our plans are to raise mostly small animal breeds and miniature livestock in such a way as to get entire families involved in their own food production and teach proper respect and care for both animals and nature.

Our farms and sustainable associate farms will be involved in learning and teaching water & soil conservation, recycling, reforestation, and alternatives energies while working in conjunction with rural, suburban and urban communities to do the same.

One objective is to produce locally and sell locally; establishing a network of large year round farmers markets/ trading posts combinations in every locality selling sustainable food and locally made products while recycling America's excess goods through the trading posts. Excess food produced by the GPC farms and its associates can be frozen, canned or dried can be used to help people in the local area, or be transported to the nearest location of need; possibly to organizations that deal with food shortage crisis.

In addition we'll establish a variety of community programs such as: Crews that retrofits homes or buildings and installs alternative energy systems. Organize programs to donate excess goods from our trading posts, and excess food from the farmers markets and farms to disadvantaged individuals and families within the communities offering work to the unemployed within the locality on farms, in our trading posts and in work crews for community services and projects.

Our organization will use organic waste for soil improvement, outdated food and food scraps will be fed to certain livestock. Animal manure becomes fertilizer. Spoiled food and crop waste goes in compost piles. Nothing will be wasted.

Back in 1935 before the introduction of most insecticides and other agro-chemicals we had about 7 million farms in the United States, yet we had only about 127 million people that need feeding. In 1997 we were down to only about 1.9 million farms left. Yet because of agro-fuels that end up in gas tanks, we use more farm land than back in 1935; however we must feed far more than twice as many people, about 287 million now.

Sustainable farming is the answer for the health of our nation and of the world; plus as a bonus, we can make a secure environment. The citizens of our nation need to establish millions more small and medium sized poly-culture farms. Let us not rely on huge, polluting, industrial-style, single crop agriculture.

UNITED NATIONS, Feb 18, 2007

-- The food crisis that spilled over from last year could take a turn for the worse in the next decade if there are no explicit answers to a rash of growing new problems, including declining agricultural production, a faltering distribution network and a deteriorating environment worldwide.

"Changing the ways in which food is produced, handled and disposed of across the globe -- from farm to store and from fridge to landfill -- can both feed the world's rising population and help the environmental services that are the foundation of agricultural productivity in the first place," says a new study titled 'The Environmental Food Crisis' released by the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP)

With the steep increase in food prices in 2008-2011, the number of chronically malnourished has reached a staggering one billion people, mostly in the world's poorest countries.

...see the full article in the Food Crisis column

Satiating the world’s colossal appetite

The Green Peace Corps is proud to have the best Eco- Videos ever, donated to us by the Story of Stuff Project and their wonderful organization. These 5 short animated videos on Ecology only last about 23 minutes all together and yet explain accurately the consumption addictions of the 21st century...see them in our eco-videos column.

Green Peace Corps’ Mission

The Green Peace Corps is committed to realizing the goals of the sustainability movement by undertaking projects that are designed to change the way the world utilizes our environmental energy. Towards that end, we are committed to:


  • Taking the lead in environmental sustainability

  • Dispelling the myths about “agrofuels and alternative energies”

  • Finding viable alternatives to our current reliance on fossil fuels solutions

  • Actualizing projects that lead to environmental change

  • Educating and recruiting support, volunteers and members to our Organization and Mission

  • Establishing partnerships with like-minded communities

  • Harnessing the immense potential of people from all walks of life

  • Enlightening communities on the topics of energy consumption, alternative fuels, and the sustainability movement overall

  • Researching, distributing and disseminating up-to-date information and data about changes in environmental sustainability

  • Forming sustainable agrarian partnerships and communities in rural areas

  • Forming partnerships with local governments for the promotion of and assistance in planning sustainable agricultural projects in cities, suburbs and towns

  • Receiving help from you and other committed individuals to ensure that a realistic approach toward sustainability can begin and be fostered in the future

  • Organizing and uniting existing organic farmers from cooperatives in order to reduce the prices of organic foods  


Presently the "Green Peace Corps" is gathering more information and building its website and then immediately we plan on contacting organizations, environmentalists, ethnic and cultural groups, and others to add input, join and participate in this venture. Our first priority is establishing a Communications Center run by activists to enlist help from environmentalists, organizations and interested individuals worldwide. Meanwhile we will organize, establish and coordinate local farming, farmers markets and trading posts.


Remember this -- Sustainability means “Meeting the needs of the present generations, while not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”…..the future is now!


The “Green Peace Corps” offers an open invitation to anyone interested in knowing more about us, or interested in contributing time, information, ideas or anything else to help jump-start this organization. We need your help!



Please contact us at or call 970-403-9256

Thank you in advance,

Thomas F. Thirion

On Behalf of the “Green Peace Corps” organization.


Green Peace Corps

1960 N. Sullivan Ave.
Farmington, NM


     Healthy land, water and air are vital to all life.


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