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 An Organization Needed - The "Green Peace Corps"

The Power of Vision

"Vision without action is merely a dream;
Action without vision just passes the time;
Vision with action can change the world."

---Joel Arthur Barker

The ‘Green Peace Corps’ is the Organization Needed Today

We live in critical times, experiencing an unprecedented attack on our health: our own and that of the planet. The two are linked and cannot be separated. This is a crisis that we cannot blame on outside forces—we have brought it on ourselves.

Today, rather late in the day, we have come to realize that in fact our planet is a complex living organism of huge but finite self- regulating power—and that it can hit back in dramatic ways if human activities push it too far. (Today) It takes extraordinary blindness not to notice that this process has already begun.

All of this affects us directly. By not respecting nature, we have become alienated from it, both globally and in our individual lives.  Hi-tech brilliance, electronic marvels, space travel, unlimited computing power and all the comforts of the consumer society have made us forget the basics of human existence, namely that:

All life on Earth depends on some 10 inches of fertile topsoil able to support plant life. The precious substance is rapidly being lost worldwide through floods, erosion, intensive farming methods, deforestation and other destructive practices. If this destruction continues, no amount of high technology will be able to feed us.

We are part of nature having evolved over millennia alongside other forms of life, so that our organisms can only thrive on natural nurture, clean air, pure water, and a toxin-free environment.

Unfortunately that is not how we live in the developed world. Despite these high standards of living, good hygiene, the marvels of modern medicine and growing prosperity, the general health of the population is poor and getting worse. Granted, people can live longer, but extended lifespans are worthless if the old spend their extra years plagued by diseases ranging from crippling arthritis to Alzheimer’s, poor mobility, poor digestion and worse, subsisting on masses of medication. At the other end of the age range, children are succumbing at ever-earlier ages to chronic degenerative diseases, which not so long ago only affected the middle-aged and elderly. Obesity, with its dire health consequences, is a worsening epidemic among all age groups. Considering the astronomical sums spent on medical research and healthcare, the general picture is dismal.

Ironically, in underdeveloped countries where the traditional way of life, including farming methods, has largely survived, and despite varying levels of poverty, people are generally healthier. They have not become divorced from their roots in nature, and only begin to sicken when they switch to our misguidedly envied Western lifestyle.

Clearly we need to change our ways. We must find our way back to an unadulterated natural lifestyle and learn how to restore our health by dealing with the causes, not just the symptoms, of our problems.  

The above paragraphs are excerpts taken from introduction of the Gerson Therapy; which is an natural holistic way to heal yourself from chronic diseases and cancer that actually works. …They wrote it far better than we could.

The ‘Green Peace Corps’

 “The point of no return is no longer over the horizon,” said U.N Secretary-General, Antonia Guterres, in his remarks the evening before COP25 kicked off. “It is in sight and hurtling toward us.”

System change-not climate change

Do we to raise our children to live and be happy—or watch them die?

The entire world needs to think globally- act locally,--because healthy ecosystems means healthier happier people.

The question we need to answer in 2020--- have we finally learned from past mistakes? Do we allow powerful people in governments control our lives like pawns and bring war and climate destruction?  Are we ready to make a stand together to form make a more peaceful and united world, hopefully under U.N. leadership.

Will we allow the status quo to destroy our lives and those of our children for business as usual—or can people around the world come together to change the way we live, make clean energy, and grow healthy sustainable organic food to feed us all and help reduce the continual destruction of our ecosystems? We believe yes, this is possible, especially by putting together a global organization for the sustainable agriculture and climate. The ‘Green Peace Corps’ is the organization needed

Let us make the changes necessary for the children of the world!

We must defeat the Climate Crisis by putting together an umbrella organization for a sustainable environment combined with an agrarian movement for healthier sustainable chemical–free and organic food world over.  It is also extremely important to support and expand the United Nations to mitigate Climate Change and help society to adapt sustainable agriculture for food security and the health of people and planet. We must immediately do these two things now beginning in 2020 just to control the Climate Crisis, because there are about nine tipping points that may crash having a domino effect which would be irreversible.

We must immediately begin to make clean energy and grow sustainable chemical–free and organic food world over. In time converting to a system of sustainable will greatly reduce toxic chemical pollution in our air, surface and underground water resources, as well as in the soil and our overheated oceans. 

"Changing the ways in which food is produced, handled and disposed of across the globe -- from farm to store and from fridge to landfill -- can both feed the world's rising population and help the environmental services that are the foundation of agricultural productivity in the first place," says a new study titled 'The Environmental Food Crisis' released by the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP)

Presently agriculture produces far more greenhouse gases that the carbon it sequesters making it the major polluter of harmful manmade greenhouse gases. Second is fossil fuel use which is used for agriculture and most other human activities. In just a couple of decades we can reverse this trend with clean energy and sustainable agriculture. Changing land use with sustainable agriculture we can sequester hundreds of billions of tons of carbon within the soil and biomass in coming decades.

Clean water and food security will be the two of the most formidable challenges of the next couple of decades with an ongoing climate crisis.  The ‘Green Peace Corps’ (GPC) needs to be formed immediately to directly address the root causes of harmful emissions. This organization can also be beneficial in helping the United States and other nations reach their Green New Deal - God willing!

Agriculture is the world’s largest economic activity and in its entirety is responsible for nearly half of manmade global greenhouse gas emissions. This includes land clearing and deforestation for agriculture which accounts for nearly 15 to 20%.  The cultivation, processing, packing, refrigeration, and retailing of food, fiber and other agricultural products cover more than another 20% to 28%, according to recent estimates. Recently the United Nations says food waste accounts for nearly another 9%.

Our present agricultural system mostly relies on synthetic fertilizers and toxic chemicals which has been the major part of the problem with public health. Healthier food grown without chemicals will help reduce many Illnesses, chronic diseases and cancer, and increase longevity that is seen by the few nations that eat healthier food.

Unsustainable agriculture with the world’s biggest lobby and its effect on global emissions is the one thing far too many politicians and the major corporations of the world fail to properly address.

 The ‘Green Peace Corps’ (GPC) will be a hands-on working agrarian organization needed to mitigate manmade emissions, and to begin and adapt affordable sustainable chemical-free and organic agriculture using a suite of carbon farming practices, including rainwater harvesting and containment system, regenerative agriculture with  permaculture, more perennial crops, intergraded pasturing of livestock with shrubs and trees, as well as annual crops all of which can sequester far more carbon and produce more food and product while reducing toxic emissions with sustainable agriculture within communities world over.

The GPC can do this by directly addressing the actual root causes of manmade emissions while reducing the shorter term more harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) with each step, as well as a good amount of carbon dioxide. These shorter term gases include water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, as well as other pollutants like black carbon (soot) and smog, which is mixture of greenhouse gas toxic chemicals caused by agriculture, industry, transportation, forest fires and clearing land for unsustainable activities.

Powerful nitrous oxide (NO2) emissions and methane (CH3) have been extremely instrumental in climate change even though carbon dioxide (CO2) gets far more media attention. Plus they are the precursors along with dirty coal to black carbon (soot) and ground level ozone (smog).  Recently Scientist have discovered that losses of the albedo affect from soot and smog have led to the escalated heating in the past couple of years of the Artic Circle’s massive loss of ice and the beginning of permafrost melting there. These are tipping points that the world cannot further ignore.

 The immediate reduction of these some of these emissions will help kick start an everlasting green movement. The formation of the GPC is a win-win scenario that will also help employ the world population in sustainable activities they will make people proud to take part.

Our methods will be to start mid-sized model farms to produce and teach organic food production and surround them with a satellite of smaller farms by introducing farming co-operatives with worker/owner participation in community’s world over. Once producing the GPC will initiate the building of green marketplaces with farmer’s markets, trading posts, organic restaurants, used clothing stores, tree and plant nurseries (grow centers) and other  green businesses.

Other initiatives include:

Eco-crops of hemp and bamboo

Hemp:  The making and use of cement concrete causes of an estimated 5% of global warming emissions. Hemp concrete made from hemp stalk is lighter and more porous and known to sequester carbon. Beautiful model homes have been made from hemp concrete and industrial hemp has finally been legalized in the United States and some other nations. A hemp plant need no fertilization and retains more water in the soil than other crops and has hundreds of beneficial uses including medicinal purposes.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant with thousands of uses and sequesters more carbon and produces more oxygen that the same sized stand or trees that would take 10 times longer to mature. Bamboo is important for construction especially good for many agricultural purposes. Some species of bamboo grow well in the northern hemisphere as well.

Bigger is not necessarily better!

Miniature livestock… The world needs some animal protein although most of us need to learn to eat less, especially red meat. Livestock produces quality manure for fertilizer and compost, and help create fertile soil.  Therefore the GPC intends to breed miniature livestock organically with rotational holistic pasturing. These much smaller versions of popular breeds are eco-friendlier and pound for pound produce more dairy, food, and fiber although they eat less that their hormone and antibiotic associated larger cousins.  The smaller cuts of meat will help reduce consumption and may help wean many consumers from eating too much meat.  Families will love to participate in raising these smaller cute and gentle animals, that previous fell into a niche market for small amounts of food or as pets. Miniatures are simply more efficient and cost less to maintain-pound for pound. Guard animals will also be raised to protect these lovely animals from both two and four legged predators.

Poultry …the GPC believes in diversity of food products- we will raise most all forms of poultry and large birds as well as sell free range duck eggs and other kinds of eggs commercially. Ducks cannot survive cages so generally have not been sold in commercial markets although they lay eggs for longer periods than chickens.

The GPC will plant dwarf and semi-dwarf fruits trees…these smaller trees are grafted; so mature and produce full size fruit about three times faster. Why wait 7 to 10 years for full- sized fruit trees years to mature, the world is hungry now?  Dwarf trees will produce about the same amount of product as full-sized trees on the same amount of land, and harvesting and caring for smaller trees that need less time to grow is more cost efficient. This means less expensive food. Imagine a small tree in a poor family’s small yard that produces two, three or four different types of fruits.

Natural housing…We believe in building alternative green homes and nearly climate proof passive earth-sheltered homes. Most natural alternatives homes can be built far more economically and save a lot of money on utilities throughout their life.

People can choose these lower cost homes and not spend nearly a lifetime paying off their loans. We plan on putting together working co-ops to help build these homes together.

Clean energy …the GPC will use solar energy and small windmills made mostly construction grade bamboo as well. Other clean means of clean energy will be looked into as we expand our agrarian infrastructure.

Globalization has been part of the environmental problem which removed people from  the countryside to overcrowd  urban areas. The slums of the world’s larger cities are now estimated to be home for more than 800 million people worldwide that live in poverty. Sustainable agriculture and building the infrastructure needed will help bring more people to live in the countryside and reduce congestion, pollution and crime in urban areas. As well as lower their ecological footprint.

The GPC will not forget the urban populations and will make many plans for urban food production and greening cities for healthier food and environment. Community gardens, backyard gardeners and urban farms will eventually have GPC built farmers markets and green centers to sell sustainably made food and local products. We can help feed the world better if we teach and convince gardeners to grow enough good food for themselves and another family or two. The more sustainable food grown will make it much more affordable for all- supply and demand.

The Green Collar News will be our internet newspaper made to show people how to grow healthy food and sustain our environment. Our sponsors will only be truly green companies. With an agreement from the sponsors we will help grow our first billion trees.

The ‘Green Peace Corps’ has many more initiatives in the planning stage and will present them later when we make our new 200 page website. However immediate help is urgently needed.

We need your help to put up a new website and this organization. We would be happy to combine with the right organization to help feed the world tasty nutritious food to help save the planet’s children from hunger and disease.

Please contact us at with Green Peace Corps as the subject.

Or call 970-403-9256 thankyou, Thomas Thirion

Satiating the world’s colossal appetite

The Green Peace Corps is proud to have the best Eco- Videos ever, donated to us by the Story of Stuff Project and their wonderful organization. These 5 short animated videos on Ecology only last about 23 minutes all together and yet explain accurately the consumption addictions of the 21st century...see them in our eco-videos column.

Green Peace Corps’ Mission

The Green Peace Corps is committed to realizing the goals of the sustainability movement by undertaking projects that are designed to change the way the world utilizes our environmental energy. Towards that end, we are committed to:


  • Taking the lead in environmental sustainability

  • Dispelling the myths about “agrofuels and alternative energies”

  • Finding viable alternatives to our current reliance on fossil fuels solutions

  • Actualizing projects that lead to environmental change

  • Educating and recruiting support, volunteers and members to our Organization and Mission

  • Establishing partnerships with like-minded communities

  • Harnessing the immense potential of people from all walks of life

  • Enlightening communities on the topics of energy consumption, alternative fuels, and the sustainability movement overall

  • Researching, distributing and disseminating up-to-date information and data about changes in environmental sustainability

  • Forming sustainable agrarian partnerships and communities in rural areas

  • Forming partnerships with local governments for the promotion of and assistance in planning sustainable agricultural projects in cities, suburbs and towns

  • Receiving help from you and other committed individuals to ensure that a realistic approach toward sustainability can begin and be fostered in the future

  • Organizing and uniting existing organic farmers from cooperatives in order to reduce the prices of organic foods  


Presently the "Green Peace Corps" is gathering more information and building its website and then immediately we plan on contacting organizations, environmentalists, ethnic and cultural groups, and others to add input, join and participate in this venture. Our first priority is establishing a Communications Center run by activists to enlist help from environmentalists, organizations and interested individuals worldwide. Meanwhile we will organize, establish and coordinate local farming, farmers markets and trading posts.


Remember this -- Sustainability means “Meeting the needs of the present generations, while not compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”…..the future is now!


The “Green Peace Corps” offers an open invitation to anyone interested in knowing more about us, or interested in contributing time, information, ideas or anything else to help jump-start this organization. We need your help!



Please contact us at or call 970-403-9256

Thank you in advance,

Thomas F. Thirion

On Behalf of the “Green Peace Corps” organization.


Green Peace Corps

Albuquerque, NM


     Healthy land, water and air are vital to all life.


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